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Always a great beer selection

We are constantly sourcing great new brewer’s from London, the South East and right across Britain. Many of these are small to medium operations, but all are at the top of their game and dedicated to producing some of the finest ale and craft beer around. Also, we often get in sample casks of ales and ciders that we feel are worth trying out and don’t have time to get them on the website, so it’s always best to check out the bar itself as there are always some real treats to be had.

Keg lagers, beers and ciders are a different animal and often don’t need quite the same amount of care and attention that cask ales require, and this allows us to source them from not only the British Isles, but from right across the globe. We are in constant contact with beer writers, buyers, other publicans and of course cellar men/women for information on what’s out there and we’re not afraid to take a chance on something new.

The brewers on this page represent a few of the brewers we have featured.